• Black Jack - LSC

    Black Jack - an almost black large semi cactus growing to 2 metres on dark foliage.  A big dahlia in every sense!

  • Cafe au Lait

    Cafe au Lait - Giant Decorative and the wedding dahlia!

    Sought by brides wherever dahlias grow for pastel palette weddings.

  • Perle von Potzleinsdorf

    Perle von Potzleinsdorf - Medium cactus, pink with strong stems growing to 2 metres.

  • Taratahi Ruby

    Taratahi Ruby - Small decorative waterlily.  A brilliant scarlet with a soft golden glow from the centre. 

  • Chat Noir
  • A C Shannon

    Vibrant red and yellow bi-colour medium catus.

Withypitts Dahlias

Withypitts Dahlias - Indulge Yourself ...

Withypitts Dahlias® have become renowned country wide as the grower of the highest quality farmed, cut flower dahlias in the UK. Used by the UK's leading event florists to adorn prestigious venues throughout the country, for example, Westminster Abbey, The Banqueting House, Kensington Palace, Tate Modern and The Royal Academy. Our dahlias are in the forefront of a resurgence of British Flowers.

Dahlias can be one of the most fulfilling late summer and autumn flowers in your garden.  Versatility could be the "middle" name as dahlias range in height from bedding plants growing to only 30 cm to true hybrids reaching up to 200 cm with species dahlias soaring to up to 300 cm.  Blooms range from tiny 25 mm pompons to giant exceeding 260 mm.  Colourwise everything excepting green or blue with subtle tints and nuances of each colour can be found.  Dinner Plate Dahlias is a term originated for the packet tuber market and does not necessarily mean Giant blooms as many that are advertised are medium classification.  

We grow a limited range of cultivars, primarily those that we have found are excellent for commercial cut flower production.  However, we do have a small range of cultivars that attract the bees and butterflies such as collerette and peony classification.  

For 2022 our standard opening times during the flowering season will be Saturday and Monday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  We will be open during May for the sale or collection of plants.  Cut flower pre-ordered in the website shop may be collected by appointment.  They are of exhibition quality and we sell nothing that is blemished.  We have on-­site parking and facilities. We are not a garden centre so do not have a cafe, however, feel free to bring your own picnic.  We sell cut flower from the farm, either impulse buys when we are open or by "Click and Collect" orders through this website.